A selection of images including the cover to Titanic Terastructures, A Quiet Afternoon 2, Thirty Years of Rain, New Maps, Shoreline of Infinity, K-Zine, Flotation Device and Magical Crime Scene Investigation.
In the centre are two painted images, one of a frazzled ginger haired woman drinking tea and one of a Sikh gentleman holding a bucket and sword and facing pink tentacles

Category: gratuitous appeal for cash

  • Self-isolating for charity

    Self-isolating for charity

    WASH YOUR HANDS!! Hello, I hope you’re all well in these difficult and frankly bizarre times. It is difficult to know how the next few months are going to pan out but it does look like it will be difficult for many people through illness or their employer’s being selfish bastards. To try to help…

  • The Modern World of Book Selling

    It’s been eighteen months but I now get to say I have a new story coming out. Hurrah! Called “Agnes, A Fairy” it is a story of gods, management and dodgy art. On the Grim Whim scale this is firmly on the Whim end. It sprang from a conversation following a Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle…