A selection of images including the cover to Titanic Terastructures, A Quiet Afternoon 2, Thirty Years of Rain, New Maps, Shoreline of Infinity, K-Zine, Flotation Device and Magical Crime Scene Investigation.
In the centre are two painted images, one of a frazzled ginger haired woman drinking tea and one of a Sikh gentleman holding a bucket and sword and facing pink tentacles

First Post

Hello and welcome.

Last week I had the great news that I was to get my second short story published in Morpheus Tales Following that I decided that, should I get a third story published, I would setup one of these here blog things to track these.

To my great surprise this point rolled around much quicker than I could have expected and the wise and good of Unspoken Water have accepted a wee story about the WI.

So here is the blog. I’m learning how these things work so let me know if I can do things better.

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