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Stolen ideas

So, I have had an idea knocking round my head for years. Imagine a city as a train, thundering round the world. Then imagine how the class system would develop.

Several years back I wrote a short story set on that train. It was suggested I might want to lengthen the story. So I turned it into a novel.

The first one I had ever tried.

I ummed and awed at it for ages, finally submitting it to GSFWC for critiquing in two weeks time. Then someone spots this trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyhjuCH9zWQ

I must learn to write quicker.

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2 responses to “Stolen ideas”

  1. Gary Gibson, science fiction writer avatar

    The problem with good ideas is multiple people are bound to have them, It happens to us all, myself included. Shanghai Noon? I was there first. One of the writers on Fringe was actively stealing specific ideas from my head.

  2. Brian M. Milton avatar

    I once heard it described as we are all fishing from the same river, just some are higher up that river.

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