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2014, The Year Of Not So Much

It’s time for the end of year review thing, something that was most enjoyable to write last year.
But pride comes before a fall, so it seems only right that after last year’s belter of a start to this publishing larkey things would drop off. I ended last year feeling like a proper writer. Stories published and plenty of opportunity on the horizon.

None of which came to pass.
To be fair, I have sold one story which should appear early next year, allegedly. But nothing else I wrote worked out. Still, what does not kill us makes us stronger. Or sends us off in a massive storm to kick a bush.
In better news I did do several readings, including in front of the General Public and at cons. Nice and something I greatly enjoy even if it is a billion times more frightening than reading someone else’s words. I also ended up on a quiz team of real writers at Eastercon and Worldcon. This was an act of bare-faced cheek and the karma backlash almost undoubtedly explains my failure to sell anything this year.
All in, 2014 was a quiet year writing wise (a very busy year on other distractions though) but hopefully, with the application of elbow grease, the calm before the storm.
By way of starting a tradition, following last Christmas’s free story, I thought I’d stick up the most seasonal thing I have. Published almost two years ago, why not read of The 15th of December.
You can read it on other dates too and outside of Norwich.
Happy Seasonal Whatnots!
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