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2015, the Year of the Long Wait

Merry seasonal whatnots.

It’s been a quieter year in the writing way. One story on god management published back in May and a lot of writing.
One of the points of note this year has been the nearlies. I always like to assume that if a story is considered for a long time before it gets rejected, then it can’t have been all bad. This year I’ve had a number that have spent months under consideration, one, in fact, has been with a market for seven months. I queried them and was told they were interested but still to choose. So good, but don’t ever expect writing to be a quick route to happiness.

A large part of this year has gone on my novel. This is the first one I have taken beyond a first draft and I’ve been at it, on and off, for four years. I’ve now reached the point where I don’t think I can do anymore for it (it can be better, but I don’t think I’m helping) so I’m going to explore the world of novel rejection next year with it. That should be exciting.

Other things I have planned for next year include trying to get into the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle 30th anniversary anthology, starting on a new novel (I’m thinking spaceships and binmen), and hopefully two publications. I have allegedly been accepted for appearances in the Speculative Bookshop anthology (out in January) and Kzine (somewhere around April) if all goes to plan.

I shall annoy you about them at the time, have no fear.

Now, as is becoming a Christmas tradition, I’ll link to something I’ve written. In this case, something that sprang from a lot of cinema serials I used to watch.
The Greatest Rocketman

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